September 2014

RedWeb’s tracking technology delivers results to Police whilst saving time and money

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RedWeb’s ‘trackable assets’ are continuing to prove themselves a valuable tool in the fight against organized crime. The Metropolitan Police in Hammersmith have managed in recent weeks to detect and prosecute three separate groups involved in the theft of bikes.

In March a trap bike fitted with a RedWeb covert tracker was deployed in Hammersmith and stolen during the early evening. The next morning the bike was tracked to a neighbouring borough. Officers on the ground using a hand held tracking device found that the bike was being held in the back of a van. Officers stopped the van and a search revealed the van was loaded full of stolen bikes. The van was registered in the Ukraine and the driver admitted he was taking the bikes back there to sell. This was something that had been going on for several months. The RedWeb Trackers GPS web page allowed officers to track the movements of the bike the previous evening showing it had been transported on the tube line. This offered excellent evidential opportunities to catch the offender on CCTV at different locations.

‘’We have been deploying the ‘trap bike’ on our borough since October 2009. Since that time we have undertaken numerous operations using the GPS technology and have been surprised by the results it has brought. The equipment allows us to deploy the bike and continue with normal Policing activities until we are alerted it has been stolen. This prevents resources being tied up unnecessarily. Once the bike has been stolen, we have always found it easy to locate the bike in locations from high rise blocks of flats to moving vehicles. This has led to countless arrests of handlers who were otherwise not coming to the attention of Police. It terms of bike theft, it has given us a tactical option which is ruthlessly effective whilst not being resource intensive.’’

“Pedal cycle theft is the only area of crime that has increased significantly in the last year. It appears to have become the crime of choice for many criminals due to the financial rewards in relation to the risk of being caught, and the potential penalties at court in comparison with more serious offences. The introduction of the satellite technology has greatly increased the chances of thieves now being caught.”