September 2014

RedWeb Covert Technology – ‘On track’ with Greater Manchester Police

GMP have again deployed RedWeb tracking technology to catch persistent and prolific offenders. The technology is hidden within a range of products targeted by thieves on a regular basis. Once stolen the trackers send an alert to a waiting response team who will home in on the stolen asset using the very latest GPS and RF technology to catch the thieves and recover the property.

In the latest ‘sting’ GMP claim to have had 12 hits in just 2 months, resulting in 15 arrests. To quote a senior member of the GMP Vehicle Crime Unit:

‘One prolific offender, who was in breach of his parole licence, is back inside for Turkey and Trimmings… The kit is simple to use and we are confident of recovery every time… This is a great result for our division.

Greater Manchester Police
Vehicle Crime Unit